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Chair mould

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Analysis of the key points of chair mold quality:
1. How to judge the mold cycle?
If the cooling water temperature is 8-12°C and the weight of the chair is 1700g to 2400g, then its cycle period should be 35s-50s. If the machine plastic melting and injection molding is carried out under the action of the accumulator, please check their waterway design, is the waterway straight? Is the direction of the waterway consistent with the shape of the chair?
2. How to ensure the life of the chair mold?
A lot of people will say they can guarantee a million molds. But who knows how they guarantee this. Can they guarantee that a pair of molds will still have no flash after running 1 million molds? If you cut the flash by hand, then I think you can make 10 million molds with this mold. So you need to check the hardness of the steel and whether the mold has welded parts. Under normal circumstances, the steel hardness should be HRC33.
3. How can we ensure that the chair parting line has no sharp edge burrs?
The rough parting line on the chair is dangerous. In order to avoid sharp edges, we must pay attention to many aspects in the mold design and production process:
Is the chair mold parting line designed correctly? Is the cavity core thickness sufficient? How to machine the core and cavity? One processing or multiple processing?
Normally we need three processing. From rough machining to steel hardening, when the steel is hardened, we will carry out the second stage of CNC milling, we call this stage semi-finishing, under normal circumstances, we will leave a tolerance of 0.3mm, and then wait for the steel stress to be released , and then we do the finishing. The operation of the machine at this time is very important. We want to cool in the CNC milled area. We have to ensure that the depth of each cutting process cannot be greater than 0.08mm.
4. Questions about stacking
When starting the chair design, we want to check how it stacks up. At the same time, you must also consider the possibility of deformation of the chair mold.
5. How to ensure that the chair is light and strong enough?
When designing a chair product, we have to consider its weight and strength. You can make the bottom of the chair strong enough by adding more ribs. What about the legs, backs, and seat cushions? For this, you need to analyze the strength of each area. In order to make a light chair with good strength, you need to choose a PP material with a low melt index. But the premise is: the mold must be strong, and injection filling must be possible, because you are using a plastic with a melt index of 4 or a maximum of 6.
6. How to design a good exhaust on the seat back?
The back design of some chairs is complex because there are many plastic welds that can cause poor venting as the material fills and flows. So you need to analyze whether some areas of the mold need venting through the mold flow.
7. How to ensure the durability of chair mold polishing?
In order to keep the core cavity of the mold from being corroded by the plastic, you want to make sure that the steel is chrome plated and has a hardness of over 33. If you are producing with some recycled material, the chair mould must be chrome plated. Otherwise, the mold should be lighted frequently.
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If you need a high-quality chair mold, please contact us, we will be happy to serve you!


product name

chair mould


Jing Zan Mould


Can be customized mold, no specific model



Quality Control

Supports original parts standards

Product Range


surface treatment

Mirror Polish/Skin Texture

Material temperature range

Determine the temperature range according to the characteristics of different products


High precision, complex structure, long service life, safety, easy operation and easy maintenance

Forming method

injection molding

Process combination

Combined with product process requirements, a set of specific product structural parts is composed of male and female molds, and plastic products are made by injection-cooling-molding process

Plastic material


payment terms

A 40% deposit is required to start construction, and 60% of the balance is paid after the mold is accepted.

Minimum order quantity


Supply capacity

Has a full line of mold production lines, with the processing ability to fully meet customer orders

Applicable machines

Conventional injection equipment

Sample delivery time

According to the project processing progress

order process

1. Sign the cooperation intention. 2. Mold design. 3. Mold making. 4. Mold inspection and mold trial. 5. Mold transportation.

After-sales service

7X24 hours online service, patiently and meticulously answer all your questions.

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Jingzan Mould is located in Huangyan, Taizhou, the capital of commerce and trade on the east coast of Zhejiang, China. It is a modern emerging city and is known as the "hometown of plastic moulds". It is 30 minutes' drive from Taizhou Airport in the south and 10 minutes' drive from Taizhou Railway Station in the north. Self-driving, the traffic is very convenient.

As Plastic Chair mould Manufacturers and Factory, the company also make moulds for household items, storage boxes, turnover boxes, chairs, stools, trash cans, trays and other daily necessities, and our Plastic Chair mould exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries. It has advanced high-speed milling CAD/CAM machining centers, high-speed fine carving, EDM, deep hole drilling, injection molding machines and other equipment, and has a team of engineers with rich design, development and technical practical experience, offer Chair mould Manufacturing & Design.

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Convenient And Simple Customization Process

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    Provide Drawings Or Samples

    Turn your concept into drawings or samples according to your needs, show our designs to customers more intuitively, and make the service more intimate.

  • 2
    Confirm Drawings & Quotations

    Check and test mold designs and confirm all specifications (modified or unmodified) and associated pricing prior to mass production.

  • 3
    Making Samples & Mass Production

    We will use 3d printing technology to make the sample real sample and send it to the customer for confirmation, and produce the mold after getting the customer's confirmation and order.

  • 4
    Inspection & Shipping

    We will inspect the mold by our inspector, when the inspection result is qualified, we will send the mold to the customer.

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